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How To Get Away With Murder Fall Finale Review: And Here Is How It Happened - Yahoo News

Asher and Laurel are still non-entities, and Wes and Rebecca aren't destined for True Love, or anything close to it. I will say that Michaela's hysteria worked better once we'd seen the scope of her involvement in the actual event, and Connor's increasing level of insanity also played more effectively once we were able to see it unfold over the course of the evening. But still, a lot of repetitive filler. That's okay though, because How to Get Away With Murder had one more trick up its sleeve, one that smartly recontextualized the entire sequence of events again and should send the show into murkier territory come January. Annalise finding Sam's bodyand then presumably instructing Wes to wrangle everyone else to clean up the mess before making the call to Sam's phone to cover her trackswas a very nice, relatively logical twist to send the show off into 2015. Not only does it make Annalise more complicit in the central crime, further dirtying up a group of already very amoral pricks, but it creates a slew of additional obstacles for the show to play with in its final six episodes. It means that Annalise, Wes, and the rest of the gang will need to work to prevent themselves from being caught for Sam's murder while also trying to prove that someone other than Rebecca killed Lila, which in itself could strip away the procedural cases that have, in my mind, dragged down certain parts of this fall run.
Source: http://news.yahoo.com/away-murder-fall-finale-review-201100699.html

Value Village and Eco Fashion Week fashion show | Picture This | The Seattle Times

Eco Fashion Week is rooted in Vancouver and this is the first time they have done a fashion show in Seattle. Value Village partnered with Eco Fashion Week to provide the materials for two different runway shows - the 68-pound challenge and the thrift chic fashion collection. For the 68-pound challenge, two designers created runway shows using 68 pounds of discarded textiles, which represents the amount of textiles an average North American throws away each year. The thrift chic collection, which Hale participated in, allows each designer $500 in fashions at Value Village to create a runway show of ten outfits. BETTINA HANSEN / THE SEATTLE TIMES Maisie Bopp of Seattle gets an 80's makeup look by Anna Riese, aesthetics education director at La Biosthetique Paris in Vancouver, BC for the Eco Fashion Week and Value Village fashion show Thursday November 20, 2014.
Source: http://seattletimes.com/html/picturethis/2025067110_ecofashionweekandvaluevillagefashionshow.html?syndication=rss

UCLA honors Jackie Robinson, renames sports facilities in tribute | Big League Stew - Yahoo Sports

Guerrero expects that current and future athletes will now have an even greater understanding and appreciation of Robinson's contributions on and off the field, and will strive to match them as they move forward. I expect Bruin coaches and student athletes to represent this university with character and class at their time at UCLA and long after their gone, just like (Robinson) did, Guerrero said. I also expect them to compete to the very best of their abilities and to handle success and adversity with the dignity that (Robinson) did. After witnessing these honors, it's difficult to imagine students and student-athletes not being motivated in some form or fashion to follow Robinson's path. There will never be another Jackie Robinson, but adopting his characteristics is a good place to start. More MLB coverage from Yahoo Sports: - - - - - - - Mark Townsend is a writer for Big League Stew on Yahoo Sports. Have a tip?
Source: http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/mlb-big-league-stew/ucla-renames-athletic-complex-after-jackie-robinson-034307616.html

Fashion Blogger Leah Selakovic Attends the London Design Festival 2014 - Yahoo Finance

Participating designers included Faye Toogood, Stephen Webster, Tom Dixon, and Osman Yousefzad. An especially fascinating large-scale meta-work was the presentation by Amanda Levete Architects of their new Soho pop-up restaurant called "Tincan" -- a pean to the humble tinned fish, in all its glory. "The menu is made with all manner of preserved seafood like tinned mussels and oysters to sardines, prawns and cod liver," explains Selakovic. "The walls celebrate the varied art of Seafood tins, across the century and globe, hundreds of them layering the walls like vibrant barnacles!" In the most perfectly layers-of-reality approach, the "artwork" is in fact a functional restaurant, which will operate at least through 2015, paying attention to tastes and customer responses and continually evolving prom hairstyles its menu. Leah Selakovic is herself an interesting blend of varied arts and education assemblage. Her formal honors include a master's degree in Art and Classical History, but she has broken the limiting constraints of those labels with her work in information technology, literature, and alternative medicine, attaining the title of Reiki Master. She explores her interests in Singapore, where she lives with her husband David Selakovic and their children.
Source: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/fashion-blogger-leah-selakovic-attends-064600983.html

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