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Shoes From Carrie And Co. Definitely Fit

fashion styles Ferragamo, who literally invented the platform shoe, is offering stunning new shapes, including open-toe boots, strappy snakeskin sandals and embellished heels, priced at $450 and up. Custom shoe candy Among Bradshaw's go-to brands on SATC, Manolo Blahnik may have been the most favored. And thanks to the BB Boutique at Neiman Marcus, Manolos are now available in custom offerings with heel height and color made-to-order. Log on to NeimanMarcus.com, and select heel height from 2 to 41/2 inches as well as 20 color choices in suede, fabrics or leather. My made-to-order pick, camo linen pumps with 41/2-inch heels, sell for $655 and take eight to 10 weeks to arrive from the factory in Italy. In the words of Carrie Bradshaw, "Please sir, you can take my Fendi baguette, you can take my ring and watch, but you can't take my Manolo Blahniks." Because some shoes are so fabulous, you'll go to any length to keep them. Especially when they're made just for you.
Source: http://tbtpics.tampabay.com/features/fashion/shoes-from-carrie-and-co-definitely-fit/2163401

Make a statement with your shoes

My collection consist stilettos to flats, platform heels to gum boots and many more. Shoes are my weakness and I cannot resist purchasing them whenever I see a good pair." Sonya, another city resident, says, "I have about 40 pair of footwear. My cupboard doesn't even have space to keep another pair. For me shoes are really an important part of your personality because if a person can spend on shoes, he is a person who has a solid style statement and a big heart." She adds, "Before getting engaged, the first thing I saw were the shoes of my husband because a person wearing a smart pair of footwear has a good personality." Another city resident Dicky Makkar says, "Shoes are really important part of a person's attire. It gives you a complete look. I never purchase shoes from local market until and unless there is an urgent need.
Source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/ludhiana/Make-a-statement-with-your-shoes/articleshow/29622071.cms

Footloose: Alex Gerrard makes her way home from night out flashing her underwear and removing her shoes to walk barefoot

Alex was seen holding on to a female friends hand for support, but as she stopped to adjust her towering silver heels her leather look trousers slipped to reveal a black lacy thong. Undeterred the 31-year-old blonde continued walking until her shoes obviously became too painful and she was seen removing them altogether and continuing her journey barefoot on the pavement. Slippery does it: Despite Alex's trousers being made of clingy leather, they still managed to slip down her slim hips exposing her underwear as she walked Bum deal: Alex's trousers slipped to reveal her black lacy thong Unstable: Alex's high silver heels were so wobbly on her feet she ended up having to remove them Too much: In the end Alex's towering heels proved too difficult to walk in and the Liverpudlian blonde stopped to remove them Better off without them: Alex decides to ditch the shoes for a more comfortable walk home Never to be one who is under dressed for the occasion, Alex was spotted rushing around Liverpool on Saturday before her night out. The 31-year-old WAG was seen breaking into a run after she emerged from a hair salon with rollers in her hair. But even though she was clearly a little frazzled, she still found time to look stylish as she prepared for her night out.
Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2548252/Footloose-Alex-Gerrard-makes-way-home-night-flashing-underwear-removing-shoes-walk-barefoot.html

How to Care for Your Shoes in This Shtty Weather

Salt stains: The traditional remedy for road-salt stains is a little vinegar and water, applied sparingly. Emergency Measures and Long-Term Care for Shoes: Shoe trees: Shoe trees are crucial. They allow your recently worn shoes to contract and dry out to their ideal shape but only if you choose the less decorative unvarnished ones. Varnished trees look posh, but they don't properly draw moisture i.e., sweat out of the leather. Top marks go to unfinished cedar models with a split toe and a fully shaped heel: These ensure the closest possible fit between shoe and tree. Also, there's no need to own a pair of trees for each pair of shoes.
Source: http://www.popularmechanics.com/outdoors/survival/gear/winter-shoe-care-2014-1391120787

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