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Hillsborough High senior collects shoes for charity

high heel flip flops That used to be my answer when people would ask if I could fight. I used to think of myself as the younger version of Mother Theresa for my lack of fighting experience. But now I cant even mutter the word fight because flashes of last weeks incident goes through my mind. Last weekend, I went shopping with a friend of mine at a fashion fair. She just had a nasty break-up so she called me up and said she wanted to go for some retail therapy.
Source: http://www.bellanaija.com/2013/08/27/give-me-those-shoes-i-saw-it-first-will-you-bite-an-arm-for-gucci/

By Oren Yaniv / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Friday, August 23, 2013, 1:34 PM Comment DANIEL ACKER/BLOOMBERG A 33-year-old man from Sierra Leone was busted with uranium concentrate, commonly known as U3O8 or yellowcake, like that seen above hidden in his shoes and luggage, according to authorities. A foreign national was busted in JFK Airport with uranium stashed in his shoes, allegedly in an attempt to sell 1,000 tons of the nuclear weapons-making material to Iran, federal authorities said. Patrick Campbell , 33, was arrested Wednesday following a 15-month sting operation when he travelled from Sierra Leone through France en route to Miami. Communicating with an undercover agent, he said he was working for a mining company in the African country and has access to yellowcake uranium that, when enriched, "can be used in the manufacture of nuclear fuel and can also be used in nuclear weapons," according to a complaint filed in a Florida federal court.
Source: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/sierra-leone-man-busted-jfk-uranium-hidden-shoes-amp-luggage-authorities-article-1.1435048

But not for himself these shoes are for those in need. Russells service project, Shoes for Souls, aims to collect at least 500 pairs of shoes for donation to local social services agencies. I wanted to do this as it was my last chance to do something really important for my community, said Russell, who plans to attend college out of state after graduation. And a lot of people have extra shoes they dont wear, he said, adding many children and adults are in need of shoes. Russell said he will take dress shoes, tennis shoes, sandals or boots for men, women and children.
Source: http://tbo.com/hillsborough-high-senior-collects-shoes-for-charity-20130827/

Kanye Romanced Kim Kardashian With Custom Giuseppe Zanotti Shoes (VIDEO)

Yeezy told Kris: "A friend of mine, Giuseppe Zanotti, had a shoe factory out there, so I brought her there and I sat there with Zanotti and we sketched out shoes that Zanotti made from scratch and then sent to her in two weeks. So she got to pick out her Zanottis..." Kris, in response: "That is the most romantic thing I think I've ever heard." The most romantic thing? Perhaps not. But it is pretty sweet that Kanye went out of his way to introduce Kim to his collaborator, even if the resultant shoes didn't get great reviews.
Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/08/23/kanye-kim-kardashian-shoes_n_3804897.html

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