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Toms shoes announces U.S. giving program

It's an initiative you might call "red, white and shoe." After seven years of giving globally, L.A.-based Toms shoes has announced it will begin giving at home, in the U.S. The company, whose One for One business model donates a pair of shoes to someone in need for every pair it sells, aims to give 1 million pairs of shoes to children in the U.S. by the end of 2014. New pairs of Toms shoes will be given to children in 35 states and access to eye care will be provided to children in three states, through sales of Toms eyewear. Some of the company's U.S.-based giving partners are Save the Children , Feed the Children and Helen Keller International . Toms was founded by Blake Mycoskie in 2006, when he was traveling in Argentina and took a liking to the region'salpargatas canvas worker shoes.Looking for volunteer work near Buenos Aires, he came across a woman who had recently organized a shoe drive, which got him thinking about shoes being at the top of the list when relief organizations ask for donations. Mycoskie decided to adapt the alpargatas for the U.S.
Source: http://www.latimes.com/fashion/alltherage/la-ar-toms-shoes-us-giving-program-20130821,0,7492937.story

Women never wear most shoes they buy Reuters : London, Tue Aug 20 2013, 15:37 hrs The most common reason women gave for why they didn't wear new shoes was because they turned out to be too high or too tight. (PTI) Related When to name Modi candidate for PM? The Parivar is split Women never wear three out of four pairs of shoes they own, a new UK survey has found. The average woman owns 20 pairs of shoes, but some are never worn because they are uncomfortable or don't match an outfit. Some shoes are discarded as they are unwanted gifts. A surprising 41 per cent women said they owned expensive shoes which they never wore to keep them from getting damaged. Of more than 2,000 women polled, 86 per cent admitted they had at least one pair of footwear they don't wear, the 'Daily http://www.chicemma.com/ Express' reported.
Source: http://www.indianexpress.com/news/its-official--women-never-wear-most-shoes-they-buy/1157614/

Help kids get new shoes for school

"The Butler" star Forest Whitaker wore a pair of Allen Edmonds shoes while promoting the movie. A photo of the actor wearing the shoes in the film has been circulating online. The Port Washington-based shoe manufacturer is not sure whether other actors wore its shoes in the film. Allen Edmonds sent about 30 pairs of its shoes in different sizes and makes to the set of the film, which is about a butler who serves eight different presidents at the White House. "As a manufacturer, we can make custom shoes to be specific for whatever time period the movie is showing," said Colin Hall, chief marketing officer at Allen Edmonds Shoe Corp. "They want authenticity." The company often supplies shoes for movies.
Source: http://www.biztimes.com/article/20130821/ENEWSLETTERS02/130829945/&

?The Butler? actor dons Allen Edmonds shoes

The S.H.O.E.S. program is underway at In the Image, and kids couldn't be happier with their brand new, clean shoes! (2/9) Previous Next GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOOD) - With 13,000 students from 28 different schools, the need is big but the giving is bigger! The S.H.O.E.S. program is underway at In The Image, and kids couldn't be happier with their brand new, clean shoes and donations and volunteers are making it happen. Schools participate with the program to provide vouchers to families in need. There are shoes in every size and every color, as volunteers help fit children for the right pair of shoes.
Source: http://www.woodtv.com/eightwest/help_kids_get_new_shoes_for_school

The shoes we wear

They slipped into the stirrups when I went for a ride. I felt great when I was on the horse. When I jumped off, I felt well-grounded of course! When I wear these elastic sides, I feel grand. These shoes are perfect for the man on the land. In the Fairy Tales and Nursery Rhymes, They wear the right shoes all of the time. The Princes and Princesses wear beautiful golden slippers.
Source: https://open.abc.net.au/posts/the-shoes-we-wear-19tj7gx

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