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23 Hairstyles for Moms Who Rock

4 Curly Hairstyles for Short, Medium, and Long Hair, Celebrity Inspired Summer Looks From Rihanna to Vanessa Hudgens, Get Your Perfect Summer Hair

Q: What if I don't want to share everything I'm doing? My boss will see I'm on Babble way too much, and I might be reading something on a sensitive topic that I don't want people seeing that I'm reading. A. Q: What if I shared something I didn't want to? A.
Source: http://www.babble.com/beauty/23-hairstyles-for-moms-who-rock/23-hairstyles-for-moms-who-rock/

Musikfest hairstyles: Braided Ponytail

Going too far one way or another will make the braid lay awkwardly in the pony. Dont fret if you have to do this step more than once to get it just right. 3. Gently gather your hair and the braid into a ponytail and secure with an elastic band. 4. Pick a small section of your hair towards the back right side of your ponytail.
Source: http://www.lehighvalleylive.com/musikfest/index.ssf/2013/08/musikfest_hairstyles_braided_ponytail.html

Hairstyles should not define femininity

So why not flaunt your natural curls while channeling your inner hippie? Time to break out the beach waves and spiral curls by checking out the go to summer hairstyles for curly hair. And where do we turn to in order get our inspiration, well celebrities of course! Lets face it when summer rolls around we have the tendency source to reach for the scissors and relieve ourselves from a few inches of hair. However, those who take it to the extreme or have naturally short hair have the option of rocking the pixie cut.
Source: http://www.fashionnstyle.com/articles/9839/20130802/4-curly-hairstyles-short-medium-long-hair-celebrity-inspired-summer.htm

Being bald does not automatically mean one is less feminine. Six years ago, when I was studying in the Institute of Technical Education, I had to shave my head for religious reasons. I did not have to seek permission - I had to inform the school in case I decided to wear headgear. I was advised to wear a wig by my lecturer only because she thought that I might be uncomfortable, rather than from any fear that my going bald might cause others to follow suit. I decided against wearing anything because I was comfortable with being bald.
Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/premium/forum-letters/story/hairstyles-should-not-define-femininity-20130805

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